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[Wednesday, July 7, 2010]

Watery Weekend


Laynie and I went up to New York last weekend to babysit the Honor kids while Maureen and Eric went away. We had a great time, especially taking pictures in the pool. Water-proof camera!

Me and my favorite kids: Carson, age 7, Morgan, age 10, and McConn, age 6.

The pool area. You can see a little Laynie in the top right corner, ready to go down the slide.

The slide went pretty fast... surprisingly fast, apparently.

Morgie on the slide.

Heehee, what a geek.

McConn is so light, she practically flies up the side!

Laynie and her getting-less-little-all-the-time boy (too bad Laynie's face is blocked by bubbles). It is a well-known fact that Carson adores Laynie and is the only one who does not need my help to communicate with her. He doesn't sign either. I think they might use telepathy.

McConn smells like teen spirit... oh, nevermind.

Me and Mor. Everybody had fun taking underwater pictures.

The kids showed off their personalities...

McConn's personality is a model/singer/actress/princess.

I don't know why I like this pictures so much.. Carson is just stinking cute.

Me and my favorite boy!

Can you believe these children have a pool and did not know about chicken fighting? We were able to educate them. (Videography by Morgan)

I still can't believe Laynie let Morgie get on her shoulders. I told her no!

Poor Laynie.

McConn wasn't really good at the whole "using your muscles" thing.

But she was very good at carrying her older brother!

We threw the little kids around for a while.

They showed off their awesome jumps.

"Save me from these insane people?"

The next day, the kids went to a friend's house and we had the pool to ourselves. Yay! Time to play with the camera...

It's hard to take a good underwater picture.

Very hard...

Got one!

Little devil Laynie.

Scary girl!

See? Crazy eyes.

I love swimming!

We had a good time in New York, and I want to go back again before the end of the summer. Next time, Katie, you are coming with! Two musketeers need the third!