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[Tuesday, May 19, 2009]

Star Trek

I really liked the new Star Trek movie!

The theater was nearly empty (hello, Tuesday night), which was nice. And it wasn't the kind of movie that yell-at-the-screen people attend... you know the type. There were a few chuckles at original Star Trek references, though. I don't remember much about the original series, but I guess my dad's hours of viewing somehow made an impression, because I "got" many of the jokes. For example, when Bones crooked his eyebrows and said, "Good god man!" for the first time, I cracked up. Same with his many DAMMITs. Of course, there was Chekov's accent. I love the /w/ for /v/ substitutions. Those two characters were pretty campy, actually. The Bones actor was a little too into it when he yelled, "Dammit, I'm a doctor, not a physicist!" 

The Kirk and Spock characters were GREAT. And Uhura was actually interesting, which either wasn't the case before, or I never noticed. Probably the latter. I don't know if I would have picked up on it on my own, but because someone on the radio pointed it out, I noticed how Kirk sat like a girl in the captain's chair. Legs crossed, knees together. That was like the original Kirk. But I like this Kirk waaaaaaaaay better.

Anyway, it was a good movie, and I'll definitely watch the next one.

OH, I should say that I'm impressed at how well Laynie handled the movie. She used to be so sensitive, but she didn't complain about sudden noises or anything. Luckily it was loud but not painfully loud, like movies often are. Laynie even described the bad guy's voice appropriately... wow, she noticed voice quality. She's really doing great. And she enjoyed the movie. I'm going to Netflix Star Trek IV, because I remember it being funny and interesting. But it's been at least 15 years since I've seen that movie, so hopefully it holds up.


Laynie | May 20, 2009 at 3:30 PM

Yeah, I loved that movie. :D

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