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[Monday, June 29, 2009]

Follow Up on Towson Teaching

Remember how I mentioned that I taught a few classes at the HEAT Center, subbing for Laynie? It was an ASL level 1 class. Anyway, after class on Tuesday, Laynie asked if they wanted me to give them their final or watch a DVD of Laynie. One girl had asked if I could do it. It really is difficult to understand ASL in 2-D when you are just learning. Anyway, I laughed at one girl's response: Annie uses some different signs (fair point), and her deaf accent is sometimes hard to understand.

That was the girl I thought suspected I was hearing. Guess not!

I ended up giving them their final by showing a DVD of Laynie. Three or four people groaned, but majority rules. Apparently they did fine on it anyway.

So now I have to find a way to occupy my time, since I don't have any more 4-hour classes to teach. I think I will make some therapy materials for the fall. I just got two CDs with AVT-type stuff, and I hope they are good, because they were expensive. I was partially reimbursed by my agency, though. Anyway, I also have to go and buy posterboard for Laynie, so she can do some loser project for her Social Studies and Science Teaching class. Probably go to Borders, since I have been tearing through books lately. Go figure. And I wanna lay out! I'm whiter than white. And according to the axiom I heard often as a child: brown fat is better than white fat.


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