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[Saturday, June 6, 2009]

Next Friday

I'm looking forward to visiting the Honors in New York next weekend. But before we leave (yes, Laynie will come with me) on Friday, Laynie has an audiology appointment with good old Steve.

Laynie has been having some trouble with her implant since the last mapping. It has sometimes been borderline painful and other times felt full/swollen. Sometimes it is just fine. I figured it might have been signal spread from electrodes 9 and 11 onto the area injured by poor disturbed electrode 10. But Laynie also felt like it was down her eustachian tube or the back of her throat, so then I thought otitis media, although it's still a little fishy.

Laynie went to a family practice doctor at Patient First, and he did not see signs of a middle ear infection. I don't know, I mean, it was Patient First, but the guy did seem to have a brain. Anyway, Steve wants to bring her in and see what he can do. Laynie was not sure she wanted to remap, because she does not want the world to become quieter. But, of course, she will go in to have it checked.


Laynie | June 7, 2009 at 7:51 AM

Yeah, I do not want the world quieter. For example before new mapping, I was able to identify the difference between SSSSS and SSSHHHH. Now new mapping, I'm little having hard time to tell the difference between them. That's not good. Some sounds I feel it took me wayyyyy BACK to the beginning of second or third mapping. Some sounds are okay. OH boy! We'll see what Steve will do with me this Friday. I hope it will help and make it BETTER. I admit that sometimes I do not want to wear cochlear implant because of specific sounds. But I knew I must continue and hopefully someday I'll overcome this specific sounds or frequency. Well, I did with high frequency with old frequency. Oh well.. Again, we will have to wait and see..

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