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[Sunday, June 14, 2009]


Laynie and I went to New York this weekend, to visit the Honors. Pictures will be coming, just waiting for Laynie to download them to the computer.

The weekend was busy, but fun. On Saturday, we took Morgan, age 9, clothes shopping. Morgan needed tennis clothes, but she also needed regular old summer clothes. Darn kids.. they grow and grow. But I am definitely not complaining, because I like shopping. Morgan was a trooper, too. I made her try on everything, because she's at an age where you can't just figure out her size and then buy stuff. Actually, I've never been able to do that with her. So Morgan walked the mall and tried on clothing for about three hours. By the last store, I was dressing her. But I'm not sure how tired she actually was, because she was still jumping on Laynie every chance she got.

On Saturday afternoon, we took Carson, age 6, out for his "special time." Morgan often gets a great deal of my time when I'm up there, and last time it became apparent that Carson was a little jealous. He was disappointed that we were leaving and he had barely seen us. I say "us" because Carson loves Laynie as much as he loves me. He communicates well with her using gestures.

For Carson's special time, we let him decide where he wanted to go and if he wanted to bring McConn, his 5-year-old sister. They are pretty close, so you never know. But he opted to go sisterless to The Castle, a place in Chester that has mini golf, batting cages, roller skating, go karts, etc. Carson chose to play mini golf first, and he was not bad at it. We gave him some restarts just to make things fair. After mini golf, we still had time, so Carson chose to ride the go karts. He decided he wanted to ride with me. Laynie drove her own car. Laynie was a great driver! She was weaving between the cars and didn't bump anyone. The blase teenagers working the ride gave her a thumbs up when she was done.

When we got home, it was time for Maureen and Eric to go out to whatever they were doing. Dinner, I guess. They dropped Morgan off at a friend's house, where she was planning to sleep over. So Laynie and I had the littles, Carson and McConn. We had an enjoyable evening. After watching a bit of SpongeBob, we took them to Take a Break, which is a local ice cream stand that serves pizza and burgers. We got pizza and ice cream, and we ate at their outdoor tables. Good thing they have a roof over the patio, because it was raining. Carson told us that Take a Break has "the best pizza in town," which was true. Also the only pizza in town. It's a small town.

We got home and I gave the kids a bath. They enjoy playing together so much that it's sad they are getting too old to bathe together. I think they will take quick baths when they are separated. As it was, they stayed in the tub for at least half an hour. Then they excitedly asked, "Can you brush my teeth?! Can you brush my teeth?!" My tooth brushing is famous in this house. After the tooth brushing excitement, we read stories. McConn chose a board book: Barney's Alphabet Soup. Carson chose last year's school yearbook. Some might consider those choices to be unusual.

Both kids were in bed by 8:35 and asleep by 8:45. They were wiped out. Carson had gone to two birthday parties, baseball practice, and his outing with Laynie and me. McConn had gone to the two birthday parties. And both of them are early risers.

Laynie ended up falling asleep by 9:30. I wasn't too tired, so I stayed up.. glad I did, I guess. Morgan called around 10:00, tearful. She was upset that she hadn't had much time with me, when I would be leaving in the morning. She always gets homesick at sleepovers and usually comes home. After we talked for a minute (and I pointed out that she would go straight to bed if she came home), Morgan decided to stay at her friend's house for a while. When Maureen and Eric got home a little while later, Maureen called Morgan, who was having a great time and said she'd stay the night. She ended up coming home around 11:00. Poor kid. My sister, Katie, was the same way when she was young: she'd have a great time and then get too homesick when bedtime came.

Sunday morning, we took the kids out to IHOP. Yes, on Sunday. Don't judge. It was crowded, but a nice time was had by all. The best part of the weekend happened in the car on the way home from IHOP. The kids were playing a football game on Carson's Nintendo DS.

McConn: Is Pittsburgh white?
Carson: Yeah.
Me: Carson, do you watch football on TV?
Carson: Yeah. I even watched the Super Bowl.
Me: Wow.
Carson: Except I missed the end.
Me: Yeah, well, it's long.
Morgan: It's boring.
Carson: That's because football is for MANkind.


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