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[Tuesday, July 14, 2009]

Back to Normal (Sort of)

Laynie went to class this morning! I went with her, because of course she cannot drive, and she is not 100% with her balance yet. Plus she couldn't use her glasses, so I had to read the powerpoint a few times for her. But she is communicating coherently and her eyes are bright, unlike last time when she stayed on Oxycodone for a few days after surgery. She's been on ibuprofen since she left the hospital yesterday. She hated how the Oxycodone had her in a fog all day and didn't let her sleep well at night, so that's why she decided to try it without the big guns.

Laynie surprised me yesterday by asking for her CI processor as soon as she woke up from her nap.


Megan S | July 17, 2009 at 11:41 AM

Glad Laynie's feeling better. Oxycodone always makes Robert sick, he hates taking that stuff too.

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