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[Thursday, July 30, 2009]


Tuesday night, we had dinner at Take-a-Break, a roadside ice cream stand in Tuxedo. It's 10 minutes from the house. The kids LOVE Take-a-Break. When I visit, they beg me to take them to two places: IHOP and Take-a-Break. Those places meet Carson's food criteria.

Carson eats bacon, pancakes/waffles, go-gurt (NOT yogurt in a little tub), penne pasta (60/40 pasta and parmesan cheese), pizza, chocolate chips, and ice cream. After four years of adults bugging him, Carson will also take a single bite of broccoli, if it has cheese on it. He's a funky kid.

We ate pizza.

We drank soda (except Morgan, who had pink lemonade, because she was raised by her former babysitter to think soda is disgusting).

Carson and McConn played.

He's "turning on" her back.

Good thing McConn has a tough big brother to protect her!

Nice to have someone your age in the family--McConn is 10 months younger than C-Judge.


Morgan was the mature older sister.

Then again...

We had ice cream for dessert.

We had a great time.


Laynie | July 30, 2009 at 10:24 PM

Bravo! Bravo! You're truly professional photography! I love all of pictures what you have took with kids. Great pictures!

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