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[Monday, July 13, 2009]

Tough Cookie



"The procedure was uneventful" -- that is surgeon-speak for everything went fine. Full cochlear insertion, no complications. Laynie had a rough time coming out of anesthesia, and she was fighting nausea. Her surgery was 7:30-10:30, and we didn't leave the hospital until 1:30. She's a trooper, though. And a sleeper, right now. Hopefully she wakes up in less pain.

I made friends with a sweet lady in the hospital. She had been looking rather forlorn. It turned out she was waiting for her husband's cochlear implant surgery. He lost his hearing in one ear two years ago and in the other ear one year ago. The doctors told him it was a virus, but that sounds fishy to me. A virus that waits a year between attacks? I guess anything is possible. This lady was nervous and woefully underinformed about what to expect. I guess that's because the good surgeon was working on Laynie. ; ) Oh, and she was a little perturbed that her husband was told that "adults only get one implant," and Laynie was getting her second at that very moment. Hmm. Anyway, I got to hear about her seven wonderful grandchildren (wow, she looked like a young grandma). Her younger son has five kids and the oldest is six years old. I really wanted to ask if they were Mormons!


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