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[Friday, November 27, 2009]

Glass Breaker

Carson is hilarious. He is one of those kids who can be found posing in front of the mirror for imaginary press shots and commentating on his plays. He loves sports and is good at them. However... you shouldn't play ball in the house. A few weeks ago, Carson was playing catch in the great room with his dad, and somehow the baseball went through the glass on the side of the grandfather clock. Obviously this was daddy's fault, since he wasn't able to get in front of the clock in time to catch the ball. Carson told me this story and informed me that his new nickname was Ball Breaker. He brought me his ball and little souvenir bat and asked me to write "Carson Ball Breaker" on them. Hmm. I was laughing on the inside but trying to figure out a way to discourage the boy from his chosen nickname. Ding, light bulb. I pointed out that the ball wasn't broken; the glass was broken, so his nickname should be Glass Breaker. Carson was totally fine with that, and I wrote it on his bat and ball. Eric (daddy) came downstairs a few minutes later and thanked me; he had heard the whole thing from his office.

Almost a great picture.

Me, Glass Breaker, and Morgie

Showing McConn how to play Mr. AahH! She loves to play games on my iPhone.

Morgan is so weird.

By the way, let me just point out the way McConn is dressed, in comparison with everyone else. The book Fancy Nancy might have been written about her.

(I know I said I didn't have any pictures of the kids from last weekend... I guess I lied. Forgot about these.)


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