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[Saturday, December 19, 2009]

Bad, Bad Blogger

Yeah, so I stink. I keep meaning to blog, but I am too lazy to download pictures to go along with the first blog I want to do... so I end up doing nothing. But I couldn't let this go unremarked upon.

So we are having a huge snowstorm today. Apparently. So far we are having a small snowstorm. The snow is fine and light, very un-easterly. We typically have heavy, wet, snowball-packing snow. I'd say there's about 2-3 inches on the ground. I can see across the complex... everything I can normally see. I'm sure it will get worse. Much worse, from what I just read in this article.

This article forecasts 10-15 inches, which will "bury many of the major cities in the Mid-Atlantic to Northeast." Come on now--bury? I have been to many major cities in the Northeast... Boston, DC, Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, Richmond, Newark... I hate to be oppositional, but 10-15 inches will not bury these cities. They are really big. They have tall buildings. Taller than 15 inches.

More from the article: Travel will be treacherous. Not recommended to use 81, 77, and 95 through tonight. (Whew, guess we're safe using the Baltimore and DC beltways.) This is a dubious Christmas present. Historic and dangerous December snows. Dangerous Blizzard.

I am sure that heavy snow and wind will cripple us, but it's mainly because Virginians and Marylanders cannot drive in snow. They have an excuse: they don't get much snow (unlike Utahns, aka Utards thanks Kate, who get lots of snow yet are horrible at driving in it) New Yorkers, Pennsylvanians, Jerseyans, and Bay Staters will scoff at a foot of snow. That's not even up to my knees!!!! When I lived in New York, I once drove in snow that was up to the handles of the car. Of course, the snow will still result in mayhem in New Jersey, despite the scoffing, because Jerseyans are an interesting combination of inept yet fearless (except Jelly.. I'm sure you're a good driver).

I don't doubt that bad things will happen this weekend. But come on, this isn't The Perfect Storm. Enough with the overdramatizing. Is a weatherman's job so boring that they have to exaggerate like that? Oh.... now I get it.


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