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[Sunday, January 17, 2010]

Met Some Deaf Men

Yesterday, Laynie and I were at Arby's, and we happened to run into two deaf men there. One saw us signing and came over to ask if we were deaf. Laynie said yes, and I said no, I'm hearing. He said, "You're hard of hearing." I said no, I'm hearing hearing. So he said, "Oh, you're learning sign."

Eh? A minute ago you saw me signing and were convinced that I was deaf, or hard of hearing at least... now because of my hearing status you think I'm just learning? Deaf people are as biased as hearing.

These guys made me sad, though. The one who questioned my hearing-ness (and then my signing ability) said that he had graduated from the deaf school in Frederick in 1961 and worked 47 years making bricks. I cannot imagine doing such mind-numbing work for so many years. Now he is "retired" but still works there part time. And the other guy graduated from Frederick in 1984 and has worked at the brick factory ever since.

I had to laugh at the irony of running into deaf people (which seriously never happens) on the FIRST day that Laynie has worn her hair in a ponytail since getting her implants. Let me tell you, those blue and red processors and coils cannot be missed! The younger guy was really staring. Gosh. At least she's young enough that they might assume her parents forced her to get them and not lose her deaf "cred." What a complicated world.


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