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[Monday, March 8, 2010]

Big Snow, Part 4

For our final installment, we move to the backyard...

Katie decided to go swimming.

I'm not the only copycat.

We were all ready to take a picture when Laynie toppled over... hehe...

It really made me nervous when Katie sat on the fence. There's a little stone ledge behind it, then a 40-foot drop.

Of course she had to scale the fence and hang over the abyss.

Unfortunately, Laynie died after climbing back up the hill.

Sigh. One guess who's to blame for this...

Give yourself a bell!

Re-enacting the climb up the hill. We really did crawl up. Apparently it is not possible to walk uphill in four-foot thick snow.

Just wanted to include this photo (despite the double chin) to show off my awesome Brandi Carlile shirt. Holla!

The next day: ice on Laynie's car. We had cleared the snow before this, so the ice is all from what dripped off the roof of the building.

So that's our fun in the snow! Katie spent the night, because she literally could not drive down her street. Baltimore was much worse than Owings Mills (the suburb where I live), just because the streets are so narrow. What a nightmare. Luckily our apartment complex did an awesome snow removal job, and we had no problems. Also helps that we have a driveway. Anyway, we had a fun couple of snowed-in days.


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