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[Monday, March 8, 2010]

Visit to New York

*These pictures are from Christmas break.*

Looking for apps for Morgan's iPod Touch, which she got for Christmas.

Silly Morgie

Watching Star Wars with McConn and Carson, I mean Darth. I gave Carson the original trilogy DVDs as his Christmas present. He loves Star Wars. Because I was into it, the girls began to like it, especially Morgan. I don't think Star Wars was McConn's cup of tea at all, although she tried. It does have one princess in it, which is a positive, but a gun-toting princess is not ideal--and Princess Leia doesn't even wear pink.

I'm not sure she's feeling the way she looks... that's just her television-watching expression.

Carson was so funny--he kept looking at the DVD box during the movie.

After a while, Carson had enough of the girls, so he went to hang out with his Laynie.

Star Wars was pretty much the theme of the break. Carson was so into it, and I'll admit that I really encouraged him, quoting lines with him and the like. Carson is a lot of fun to hang out with.

Yes, girls, you are, too. I suppose you'll read this when you're back from the cruise.

I'm trying to even remember what else we did, besides watch Star Wars movies. Laynie and I went shopping with Morgie. Pajamas, underwear... fun times. I was having a sickly day and kept running to the bathroom, but Morgan and Laynie were very patient with me.

I don't remember what else. I really should blog closer to when I do things, but better late than never. ;)


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