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[Friday, April 2, 2010]

Farewell, Old Friend

My Aquahpor addiction began last summer, as the Accutane medicine made my lips into dessicated shells of their former selves. They were so, so sensitive; they would blister if I ate anything salty, and they seemed to be trying to grow together. I tried a variety of lip products, which I had to use several times each minute and STILL was in excruciating pain. Lips apparently have a lot of nerve endings. After a week of torture, I hit on Aquaphor, and I have not looked back.

At first I only had to use the stuff every couple of hours, but as my skin started to clear up (hooray!), my lips became worse (boo). If I didn't have Aquaphor on, my lips would stick together within seconds, ripping skin off when they parted. This was not enjoyable. Eventually, I was up to a half-tube-a-day habit: I used the ointment about once an hour, plus every time I took a drink, and every 2-3 seconds while eating. I am not exaggerating. This is how it felt: 

More Aquaphor NOW!

I have two tubs at home, a large tube in my purse, and, conservatively, about five million small tubes of Aquaphor in my house, car, purse, laptop bag, church bag, and desk. If I suddenly found myself without Aquaphor, I would immediately get myself to the nearest CVS. I cannot live without it. While I have a love-hate relationship with Accutane, and I have LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE relationship with Aquaphor.

I stopped using Accutane about three weeks ago, after 10 months on it. My derm says I was a pretty tough case, because people are usually on it for six months. My skin was just starting to clear after six months, but it's great now. I am nervous about whether it will stay that way, but that's another story.

Just now my lips became sore and I put on some Aquaphor.. then realized that I had not used it in two hours! Not since I woke up. And I ate breakfast! This is unprecedented in my peri-Accutane existence.

While I will be happy to live like a normal person again, I will always have a soft spot on my heart for Aquaphor.


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