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[Tuesday, June 8, 2010]

I Heart Brandi Carlile

Y'all know I love Brandi Carlile.

I got to see Brandi play in Norfolk this past weekend, and it was the BEST SHOW EVER!! I went with my sister, Katie, my friend, Laynie, and my aunt, Megan. Aunt Megan and Katie ditched Laynie and me to hang out at the bar and walk around drinking.. whatever. Losers. ;)

I enjoyed this show so, so much. It's the fourth time I've seen Brandi (so I'm a little obsessed), and it was definitely the best one. The crowd was really into it. People were yelling out requests, so I yelled out mine, and she looked at me and played the song I asked for as the next song! Yahoo! I am not thinking I'm so special or something. I know it's the ASL: I'm pretty noticeable in a small crowd, when I'm interpreting all the songs for princess deafie. I do try to sign small, so I won't be too distracting to the performers.

I'm beginning to understand Phish Phans.... I would follow Brandi on tour!


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