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[Thursday, May 14, 2009]

Enough Already

Laynie has a few students in her ASL 3 class at McDaniel who are out to get her. They are spoiled, entitled brats who think they should get everything they want in life, regardless of their performance. They have complained to the department chair so much that he is now down on her, saying that she has made a "mess" of this class. They have complained about things like teaching too many signs for foreign countries and requiring attendance at three deaf events (a department requirement). These students have not brought any problems to Laynie, or to her boss, who is also deaf. They went straight to the [hearing] department head. After subbing in this class before, I would guess that's because their signing STINKS. I had to repeat myself many times and ended up mainly relying on gestures and facial expressions to communicate with them.

This is bull.

That's what's on my mind today.


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