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[Saturday, May 16, 2009]

Listening Therapy

Laynie's implant has been activated for about three months now. We do a variety of activities for 
listening practice, and I think we both enjoy reading books and playing guessing games with the
pictures. By the way, I love Piggies.

This was the first time we tried playing Guess Who. I gave her the category of what I was 
asking (animals, colors), because she's not ready for completely open-set words just yet.

Laynie did a nice job listening for a word in the carrier phrase "Do you have..."

The Ling sounds (s, sh, m, ee, oo, ah) are used to check hearing aids and cochlear implants. These six sounds cover all of the speech frequencies. It isn't terribly functional to practice them, but Laynie wants to impress her audiologist.


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