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[Saturday, May 16, 2009]

Things That Are Cool

1. Saying something and having Laynie turn to look at me (if it's relatively quiet at home).

2. The look of wonder on Laynie's face when she realizes that heard something quiet or far away. Yesterday, our back door was open, and she heard a basketball bouncing in a parking lot a good 100 yards away. She regularly hears birds outside while the doors and windows are closed.

3. When Laynie can figure out a word by listening. Yesterday, I had a Netflix envelope in my hands and I spoke without signing, "Let's see what we got." Laynie got most of it by lipreading. But she was confused about one word... "hot?"

-No, got.
-D? Dot?
-Almost. G-, got.
-Almost. Got.
-Got! What we got!

4. That annoying sounds annoy her! I was tapping the remote control on the piano bench (our sometimes coffee table), and she told me to stop. I told her she's becoming too hearing.

5. When she responds to environmental sounds like a hearing person. This situation has happened several times: I'll be chatting with Laynie, and she'll be saying something, and the kitchen timer will go off. Immediately, she'll say, "Go ahead and get that." Or if she was the one cooking, she'll hear the timer and say, "Hold on..."


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