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[Monday, June 22, 2009]

Things Are Different with a Different Map

Since Laynie's map was adjusted on May 29, she has been noticing some differences in the way things sound. I have also noticed this, and even more so since her map was adjusted on June 12. It's funny that she is a bit less able to identify sounds that she had learned well, such as /s/, yet she has not decreased her ability to distinguish between sounds when she is given a model. What I mean is that if I had cards with the words so and show, which sound the same except for the beginning sound, Laynie could have identified the word (by audition only) without me saying the words for her first. Now, she more often needs me to say the words first, but she is still able to identify the words after hearing the models. I guess that things sound different than they did, because she has a different "filter" on the sound. Sort of like when you adjust an equalizer.

She has improved her vowel and nasal discrimination ability, though. Before, me and knee sounded the same, as did seat and sit. Now, she is able to discriminate between these words. It is hard, and she needs repetition, but she is doing it. Mid-low frequencies must be improving. Or the high frequencies are more balanced with the mids and lows.

Still hoping this map ends up being better than the last.


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