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[Monday, June 22, 2009]

Three Beaches in Three Days

Vacation time!

Laynie and I went to North Carolina's outer banks on Friday, Sandbridge in Virginia Beach on Saturday, and Virginia Beach on Sunday. I adore the outer banks, but I think the best was Sandbridge, this time. We went in the evening, when it was not crowded. The waves were perfect! A little rough, but great for boarding.

On Friday, Laynie was a little nervous to go in the water, because the waves were pretty rough. I made her get in so that she could overcome her fears. I reminded her how to dive under the waves and emphasized that ducking under a big wave is more likely to be successful than trying to jump over it.. these were things we had worked on last summer in Ocean City. Laynie did a great job, and by Sunday she really had the feel of the water and knew when to jump, when to duck, where to dive (straight through, not down). The waves stunk for boarding on Sunday... too small, too close together. But on Friday and Saturday, we did a lot of boogie boarding. Boogie boarding is my favorite.

I wish I could live on the beach. I really would love to swim every day. I love to boogie board and body surf (although I lost pretty much all of my body surfing skills, unfortunately), and it's great just to feel the rhythm of the waves. Too bad I'm three hours from the closest beach! I want to go back to a beach at some point this summer, though.


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