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[Saturday, July 25, 2009]

Beach Pictures

I just realized that I hadn't uploaded the pictures from the beach in June. These were taken at Sandbridge in Virginia and Kill Devil Hills in North Carolina.

When can I get in?

Cool Laynie

Kate, I know that I promised no ugly pictures, but I love this one.

This girl has attitude!

Yeah, me...


Me and my baby sister

Yes, I'm hiding behind the boogie board because I'm fat. But look how pretty Katie is!

I love this picture of Laynie.
p.s. hair by me :o)

Missed that little wave!

Katie is so cool.

ASL is so handy at the beach. It can be hard to hear over the waves, etc.,
but you can still hear with your eyes.
I love, love, love that Katie can sign. It makes it easy to hang out
with my two favorite girls: Katie and Laynie.

Pretty mermaid.

The beachgoers got quite a show while we were there. Yes, this was a common sight.

I love the beach!

We put the lifeguard stand to good use.

Weight of the world, hm?

And a bonus picture:
I call it Addicted to Technology.


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