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[Tuesday, July 28, 2009]

Little Rockers

I've been in New York for the past few days, keeping an eye on the kids while Maureen and Eric are away. Not far, just Long Island. Anyway, the kids were playing Rock Band yesterday, and I couldn't help but take pictures. LOADS of pictures. It was difficult to choose the best ones, because the kids are so gosh darned photogenic.

Time to rock! Carson got things going.

Morgan whaled on the drums.

Rex (aka "Wax" -- some people around here can't say their Rs) kept time.

Carson nailed "Eye of the Tiger."

McConn got a turn on the mic, which is the only part she deigns to take on Rock Band. 
She doesn't rock so much as sing beautifully like a real live princess.

A star is born. You can see the glint of success in her eyes.

Pleased with her performance. McConn really does have a good voice. I was impressed!

Morgan took the mic.

He might have lost those teeth in a bar fight with his bandmates.
Or it could be developmental.
You'll never know, will you?

Carson took command of the drums.

The pictures above are somewhat misleading. This is what Carson really looked like
on the drums.


The good big sister helped her brother with the kick drum pedal.

It was kind of boring.

OK, really boring.

I guess that tongue thing might run in the family.
(Yes, she's not blood related... what's your point?)

Morgan rocked the guitar.

McConn modeled.

Carson decided it was time to get down to it proper.

All the girls swoon. And Carson hides, because he doesn't like girls. Or attention.

What a fun time!


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