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[Tuesday, August 25, 2009]

A Little Disappointed

I saw my dermatologist again yesterday. He told me that he was a little disappointed that my skin hadn't cleared up very much yet. Um, yeah, same here. He thinks it will just suddenly become much clearer, like practically overnight. Either that or he'll have to up the dose. Huh? Picklefrance, as McConn would say. At least my forehead and nose have only had maybe two zits this summer, compared with SEVERAL EVERY DAY, like they used to get. Like my stubborn jaw and chin still get. The medicine seems to be working from the top of my face to the bottom.

Dr. Damm managed to take my blood with minimal digging around, which I appreciated. Let me say again that I love having a dermatologist who used to be a phlebotomy tech... one stop shopping.

After my pregnancy test came back negative (duh), I got to take the FDA-mandated online quiz, which is always fun. The questions are different every month; here are a couple from the one I took today.

I got 100% on this quiz. I won't give away the answers, in case you, dear reader, are also jumping through the Accutane hoops. You're going to have to apply your intellect, as did I.


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