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[Monday, August 24, 2009]

Making Donuts

A couple of weeks ago, I had Morgan and McConn spend the night at my place, while they were visiting their grandma in Annapolis. We played games, talked, and read about 1,000 bedtime stories. In the morning, we made donuts for breakfast. Carson stayed on the boat with Grandma and her boyfriend, so he missed out on the fun. However, he got to have a diner breakfast with Daddy, Mommy, Grandma, and Leon all to himself, so I don't think he got such a bad deal.

The girls were pretty excited to wear aprons. Morgan immediately went for the Irish one (she's half Irish, as am I); McConn tried on three aprons before settling on a nice floral. However, McConn did point out that she's sort of Irish, because "McConn" is an Irish name. She'll make a great lawyer someday.

Morgan takes a donut out of the oil, while McConn eats her first "munchkin."

Pretty girl.

McConn took charge of things pretty quickly. She had done a cooking workshop before, and she had a good feel for it. Morgan didn't mind, though. She wanted the job of dipping the donuts in sugar.

Morgan put the donuts in the pot, and McConn took it from there.

Morgie took a break to talk on her very own cell phone. She is a big girl.

Meanwhile, Coonie slaved away at the stove.

Golden brown. Nice work, kid.

McConn didn't mind having an audience. She was confident in her cooking skills.

Enjoying the fruits of her labors.


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