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[Tuesday, August 11, 2009]

What's Up With Kids Growing Up?

Ah, nostalgia. Actually, this is a gratuitous pictures post. Here are some pictures from
August 2004, at Cape Cod.

Morgan was four and a half years old. I used to braid her hair every day,
because she looked so darned cute.

On a seal-watching trip. We did see seals, and they were awesome.

Being a patient big sister while her brother perseverates on the car.

Carson was 18 months old.

Carson wasn't really talking yet, but he got his needs met through whining.
Here he is with his main interests at the time: a cell phone and a car.

This was about a minute later. In the car, happy as a clam.
He could stay there for hours. We used to joke that Carson was aptly named.

Carson has amazing eyes. This is one of my all-time favorite pictures of him.

It's amazing how much the kids have changed.
Carson is older now than Morgan was in these pictures.
You can see current pictures of the kids here.

And a bonus picture: me.

Younger, thinner, blonder (natural hair color) me. Sigh.


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