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[Wednesday, September 30, 2009]

Port Discovery

These pictures (again, iPhone pictures, so kind of blurry) are from Port Discovery, at Baltimore's Inner Harbor. If you're in Baltimore with kids, GO.

Morgan is climbing up to the sphere. This three-story "treehouse" is obviously the main draw for Port Discovery. Every kid made a beeline to it. After we lost McConn (it has entrances and exits on each floor) temporarily, each adult took a kid. I took Morgan, because she was in a funk and pushing her mom's buttons. I can't remember why now. Anyway, that's why most of my pictures are of Morgan; I only got pictures of the littles when they were in the water area with Morgie.

Getting off at the third floor.

The sports fan, intently trying to connect straight tubes at a right angle.

Making BIIIIIG bubbles.

That strand of hair is always in her mouth. But I shouldn't criticize her, because I used to do the same thing when I was young.

McConn was really good at this.

Yes, this turned into an argument. But they worked it out.

There was a little calf you could practice roping. It looked pretty hard. All of the kids tried, but nobody could do it.

I don't have a picture of the most eventful thing that happened while we were at Port Discovery--you'll see why. When we were ready to go, all of us made use of a hand sanitizer station. Eric, Maureen, Morgan, and McConn started down the stairs. I waited for Carson, who was lollygagging. I told him, "Come on," and then I noticed that he was rubbing his eye. Yup, he had hand sanitizer in his eye. He didn't even say anything! I had to ask him, "Carson, it is in your eye?"

So I told him to keep his eyes closed and not touch them, as I tried to remember where the bathroom was. First floor. We were on the third floor. Naturally. I took the blind child's hand and started toward the stairs then realized that duh, he can't walk down three flights of twisty stairs. So I hauled him up on my hip and jogged down the stairs, past his dumbfounded family, toward the bathroom. Do you know how heavy a 6-year-old is? He's skinny, but he must have bones of lead.

While I was washing out his eye, he asked me if I had taken him into the girls' bathroom. That was his main concern, not HIS VISION. I told him that there were no females present besides yours truly. He generously assured me that he wasn't mad at me for bring him in there. Because that was my main concern...


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