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[Saturday, October 24, 2009]

Listen Up

The essentials: glasses, iPhone, CIs.

I said before that I have been impressed with the way Laynie has used her CIs all day everyday since getting them (February and August). It's especially impressive considering that she hasn't really benefitted from them since June.

In May, Laynie began having problems with her first CI, the one on the left side. She had pain during a mapping, and it caused problems after that with tingling, discomfort, and sometimes jabs of pain. Not really knowing what the problem was but assuming it was related to the amount of stimulation, her audiologist turned her down. When I say "stimulation" and "turned her down," I'm talking about electricity running through her cochlea, in close proximity to sensitive nerve endings. People are bound to run into problems with this sometimes.

The audiologist kept turning her down more and more, hoping that would solve the problem. It didn't. But things got quieter and quieter for Laynie. She was missing many speech and environmental sounds. She could no longer hear birds or bugs. She lost S, F, TH, and more. We stopped doing therapy in August, because it was just an exercise in frustration. And then, about two weeks ago, the tingling and discomfort stopped, pretty much overnight. A day or two after that, Laynie had a mapping session, her one-month mapping for her new CI. Her new CI was also quiet, because the audiologist wanted to keep them equal. It turned out that she had been hearing at about 60-65 dB. No wonder she was missing so many sounds!

At that mapping (about two weeks ago), she asked for more sound. She missed all the things she was able to hear a few months ago but had not heard all summer. She got her wish, with hearing levels at about 30 dB. But she feels like she started hearing even better a few days ago (funny that things will change a week or so after mapping). She still wants to hear MORE, especially on the right side. Her next mapping will be the first week in December.

See? Better.

Just for kicks, this is what fun, colored coils look like. I love that she chose blue for the left and red for the right. An audiologist's dream come true.

Now you see them...

Now you don't!

She definitely is hearing better since this past mapping. I can use a normal voice and she turns to me. And she hates my cough again, ha. Yesterday, she was asking why I-695 is so much quieter than I-795. I had honestly never even noticed. As we drove to Target this morning, I realized that she is absolutely right. The only thing I could think of was that it might be because I-795 is made of concrete, while I-695 is paved with asphalt. Her speech is improving again, as well. She's using more final consonants, making nicer vowels, and her /s/ blends are sounding quite good. She told me to STop today, which was dah or dop preimplant. It's so nice to see her making progress and hearing new things again, after her four-month plateau. I guess it's time to get back on the horse with listening therapy.

Yesterday, I saw Laynie checking out the Phonak website, comparing the different FM transmitters. She liked the ZoomLink:

Of course, she wouldn't wear that, so I don't know why she cares about the transmitter. That's for the person speaking to her. She would use the little plug in MicroMLxS or MLxi or whatever. I've been thinking about FM systems since playing around with one with Laynie a few days ago. It seems like it would be perfect for her, because she doesn't need to hear a lot of people at home, just me. It would be nice to have one while out, so that she would be able to hear despite wind, crowds of people, noisy traffic, etc. The world is just full of challenging listening environments.

Too bad those things are so stinking expensive!


Nance | October 26, 2009 at 7:49 PM

I had Dalton in gymnastics for a few months, his best friend in the class was Daiquiri- when his Mom told me I first thought Oh like Zachary with a "D"- I asked her how she spelled it and she said Daiquiri... She was a little white girl in Utah County!! Poor thing! I know a little boy, he's about 2 years old, his name is Brogan- after a Beer brand...

Nance | October 26, 2009 at 7:50 PM

I think I posted on the wrong one!! ooops!!

Annie | October 26, 2009 at 8:02 PM

Daiquiri??? How can you be a lawyer or a teacher with a name like that? I think the only careers for a Daiquiri have got to be stripper or hooker. Wait, I just re-read your comment... that's a BOY's name?!

I love this website, which is a great introduction to the unique traditions of Utah baby naming:

By the way, I know a teenage girl named Brogan. I had no idea it was a beer brand.

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