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[Sunday, November 1, 2009]

Birthday Bug

Happy birthday, Laynie!

Yesterday was Laynie's birthday, and Katie came over to celebrate it. We had strawberry cake, which was a first for all of us. Very sweet. We also played DJ Hero and searched for a poem for Katie to perform for her ASL Linguistics class. This involved a discussion of how evil Katie's ASL Linguistics teacher is (very). Fun times.

The cake... I regret using store-bought black and red frosting for decorating. They were so difficult to work with! And they had an oily look to them. And the decorating tips were crap. I've learned my lesson: no cutting corners, I will make all of the frosting next time.

I enjoy decorating cakes. I haven't taken a class on it, but my mom did when I was a baby, and I grew up watching her decorate cakes. I learned by watching her. I remember that the first cake I made and decorated was when I was about 13 or so, and it was for my dad's promotion to Lieutenant Commander. I drew the rank insignia on a sleeve and wrote Congradulations (sad). Unfortunately I do not have the picture of that cake readily available, and I could not find a good picture on the internet of Lt Commander sleeves, but I found one of shoulder boards, which is basically the same thing. Fat line, skinny line, fat line.

Now I'm going to have to look for that picture when I get home from church. And I will have to take a cake decorating class one of these days, because it's so fun.


jelly | November 1, 2009 at 1:34 PM

What an adorable cake!
Happy Birthday :-)

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