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[Tuesday, February 2, 2010]

Happy February

Gee, I haven't blogged in a while. I've been pretty stressed out with some ridiculous situations at work. Then I did my taxes and realized that I do NOT earn enough to be working at home (writing logs and IEPs) or dealing with the bull. And just to be clear, the bull does not come from my agency or my school district administrators or teachers. I like them all, and they treat me well. But other people... I guess I don't have something nice to say, so I should not say anything at all.

Doing Pals today (itinerant services for preschoolers in private programs/daycares), I had the joy of experiencing three different Groundhog's Day circle times. One of the programs had a clever craft that they made. The crowning moment of my day occurred in that school, when one of my little guys, whom I have been working with for a couple of years, stared and stared at me. I commented, "Wow, I sure look different with my haircut, don't I?" (Shorter and bangs.) He just kept staring. He'd go back to doing his project then his eyes would somehow find my head again. This went on for at least five minutes. Maybe I should have emailed his mother so she could warn him, because he's not the biggest fan of change. But finally he said, "Miss Annie, um, it looks really, well, really beautiful."


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