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[Wednesday, January 19, 2011]


I went to New York for a few days over Christmas break, and I saw my teeny, tiny, little Peanut (Hi Morgie!). She keeps getting less tiny. Actually, she's almost 11.

Here is what Morgan wanted to do pretty much all the time:

iPad awsomeness definitely had her in its thrall. Unfortunately, her brother and sister were similarly enthralled, and adult intervention was warranted more than once. I do not have any pictures of Carson and McConn, because I was the worst picture-taker ever on this trip. I took a couple of pictures of Morgan while I was packing to go home, and that was it. Sad.

I had fun skiing with Morgan at the little place ten minutes from their house. And I had fun working on the LiPS program, to help Morgan improve her literacy skills. English spelling certainly is tricky. McConn also worked with me, but Carson refused. Tearfully. Real, dramatic, soul-wrenching tears, that he would not be made to improve his reading and spelling skills.

We saw Yogi Bear 3D, which seemed enjoyable for people under four feet tall. I watched most of it 2D, because I'm a wimp: 3D makes me feel almost like motion sickness. The best part of the movie was that we went with Sue and Jane and the boys; it was great to see them.

Basically, I had a really good trip.

A cute little Peanut


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