The Penny

Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.

[Saturday, February 28, 2009]

Welcome to My Blog


I'm not sure how to start. I guess I'll explain why I decided to blog.

As a teenager, I was a very good journal keeper. I was also a good journal keeper the first few years I lived in New York. I have five or six full journal books from those years. Unfortunately, my journaling has weakened over the years. In grad school, it went into a coma, and I have been unable to revive it since.

Journaling is important to me. As I look into the past, I often find that I have forgotten events, feelings, and even a few people. I'm awfully young to be going senile, so I had better continue journaling... hence this blog.

Friends and family, please enjoy this and be kind to a fledgling blogger.